Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Pressure!

Again, those folks at Someecards have a single witty card that encapsulates what most of us feel on NYE:

The Big Bang

Well, I'm off to Sydney tomorrow to romp the New Year in with crazy sales shopping and spectacular fireworks with spectacular friends.

So to you all, have a very happy New Years Eve, and just remember it's the most overrated night of the entire calendar year, so don't freak out if it's not 'Hollywood Movie' perfect, I've ruined too many by trying to make the night into something big.

Make real memories - drink too much, make mistakes, snort when you laugh, have a silly time and promise yourself you'll do it all again next year!

What are your plans?

(Image from here)

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Regifting of Gifts that You've Been Gifted at this Time of Giving

Whichever way you celebrated Christmas this year - chance is you may have recieved a few dud gifts... so, it's time to talk about regifting.

In this NYTimes article, Joyce Wadler highlights the serious rules to consider when recycling your rejected Christmas gifts.
  1. "Do not re-gift items that have been opened or used (a family heirloom, presented as such, is the exception)
  2. Do not re-gift one of a kind items, which will nail you if the item is spotted - as certain as a DNA sample
  3. Examine any gift carefully for old cards (one may be tucked into the box)
  4. Do not re-gift to someone in the same social group in which you recieved the gift."
Anybody have any regifting stories? Or have you been caught committing this sinful deed!? (I know I have!)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Christmas Wrap-Up

I'm sorry to say that Christmas is nearly over for another year (in this hemisphere of the globe). I hope you all had a great day, with lots of laughter, yummy food and great company.

We sat out on the deck in the sun, overlooking the water and shared a lovely, delicious and relaxing lunch with friends and family... lots of happiness and silliness!

But at the end of Christmas day, I always wonder the same thing, "Did we do that right? How do the other millions of families spend their day?"

What did you do?

(Image from aldo.mariano)

I Interrupt the Holiday Festivities to Bring You This Pec-cast...

Pec-cast: (n) President-Elect with toned pecs post.

Now, I know you've probably all seen this image blasted over the media a thousand times already this week.

But really, another look won't hurt, will it?... Consider it my Christmas present to you!

He has definitely toned up since last holidays, don't you agree?

Merry Christmas!

(Toned President-Elect photo from here, Not-so-toned-but-still-not-too-shabby President-Elect photo from here)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The True Meaning of Christmas...

(Image from here)

The Poolside Christmas Gift Exchange

So, my bf (P.) and I just exchanged Christmas gifts by the pool of my beach apartment... aside from it being a lovely setting he got me the greatest presents!

One was an beautiful red folding Longchamp bag, another was a VERY 'me' typewriter mug from etsy store; CircaCeramics, and last was some delicious hot chocolate!

So I've decided that the way to a woman's heart is = a handbag + an etsy item + anything chocolate! And a fabulous gentleman-ly boyfriend!

I can't wait to use the bag when I go to the farmer's markets on my bike (promise to post pictures of my bike when I'm home!)

I bought him; tickets to music concert (featuring a band who plays one of 'our songs'), two cups from etsy, and I made him some peanut brittle!

What Christmas presents have you recieved or given that were great? Can't wait for Christmas tomorrow!

(Image above A Cup of Jo)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Hungry President-Elect: Spam Sushi

I read on the Huffpost today that while on holidays in Hawaii, the U.S. President - Elect has indulged in spam sushi (Musubi sushi)!

Can you believe it? It's apparently the local delicacy in Hawaii...

Anyone game to try it? Or have you already - do tell... I can't imagine it, I don't like spam on it's own, let alone with seaweed wrapped around it posing as sushi!

(Sushi photo from here, Obama photo from here

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Rickroll

Okay, so I'm holiday blogging - but had to share my Rickroll experience. So by now, many of you have either been Rickrolled on Youtube, or have at least heard about it. If not here & here are some explanations...

I was Rickrolled antique style: While holidaying up here (in our coastal slice of paradise) I enjoy going to the beach, relaxing with some tea & a good book & always love browsing through the local antique/junk store where the man always sells me rare records and eclectic jewellery - at a good bargain.

While there I found the Rick Astley LP with 'Never Gonna Give You Up' on it.

Had to get it! And when I get home, I will play it loudly and Rickroll the entire neighbourhood :-)

On a side note, did you read that Rick Astley himself Rickrolled the Macy Thanksgiving's Parade?

What do you think of this Youtube blast-from-the-past-into-today phenomenon?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Beach Holiday Hiatus

So, I'm now at our place on the beach and will be here over Christmas... lovely.... :-)

Blogging will be slowed down a little over the coming days - but will be back up and running in two weeks after blissful rest time* :-)

*Unless I get bored and restless - in that case, I will be regularly posting as usual!

(Image from No Spring Chicken)

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Comfort Food # 1

I love this photograph taken by Stockholm-ian photographer Sannah Kvist (found on the great blog, Please Sir).

It reminds me of when I've created a time-consuming delicious meal (or bought a yummy cake) and I plate it and set up a lovely eating scene, even if I'm eating alone - just because presentation is half the enjoyment! This bath one looks heavenly comfortable... I imagine the photographer was brimming with anticipation and leapt into the bath as soon as the photo was taken!

Thanks for finding these lovely pics, Please Sir.

The Addiction # 1

So... I'm addicted to Etsy - there, I said it. But come on, there are worse things to be addicted to, right?

I hadn't shopped on the site for in a few months (since the US/Australian dollar fell to 0.62 cents) - but seeing as it's Christmas, I ventured on last week - allowing myself to worm my way into my PayPal savings to buy etsy xmas presents for my family ... great success!

Well if you define "success" as: buying a few fantastic Christmas presents for myself.

I wanted to share with you what I bought:

1. Farouche's Personalised Stationary: To write thank you cards for my presents, of course!

2. Beatgrrrl's Retro Tea Tin: To store my many varieties of tea leaves (another addiction - but we'll tackle that later).

3. Beatgrrl's Accounting Themed Mugs: Now this one could be a possible present for P. , but when they arrive, I have a feeling I may change my mind!

The Christmas lights are all around me...

Went driving to the far ends of Brisbane last night with P. in search of "Christmas Lights Neighbourhoods" and we were happily surprised when we arrived in streets lined with people, alluminated homes and Christmas spirit... felt like a girl of 5 again!

Above is the Christmas lights winner from last year:

Some people went to some much effort with decorating their homes! An elderly lady even read passerby children a Christmas story from a gigantic book! We loved it, and were both filled with such happiness seeing kids and their families out enjoying it all, but couldn't choose just one favourite house!

(Image from here)

Friday, December 05, 2008

The Lomography Photo # 3

This shot is beautifully haunting, don't you think? Another beauty from trawin.

The Lomography Photo # 2

Love this NYC lomography shot by trawin. The exposure gives it a romantic smokey feeling...

The Lovely Advice

The blog Post Secret has gained much popularity over the past years - providing an outlet for anyone with secrets of any kind to express them anonymously... a great idea by Frank Warren!

However my post today is not just to gush about Frank's brilliant idea - but to introduce you to another semi-similar blog gaining in popularity (I mean, it even has a Facebook fan page!)

The beautiful images on the site are taken by photographer Jon - who the blog owner (Thomas) has never met!

Particularly love this post Thomas made.

(Image 1: from here, Image 2: from here)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Lomography Photo # 1

I really enjoy Lomography style images and am always browsing for special ones... I particularly like this one below found on Flickr, taken by christianel

It looks like it's taken that little boy a lot of courage to get so close to jumping off - full of promise and anticipation...

The thanks for this Summer

Okay, so why the increased amount of posts today?

Primarily because I'm bored - am in my Dad's office doing paperwork, filing etc...

Was thinking about my 'summer whinge' post (written soon after I'd gotten my lunch in the sweltering heat) - and decided to follow the recent U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving tradition.

7 things I am grateful for this Summer:

  1. Ripe and delicious local fruit (Peaches and Watermelon and Cherries - oh my!)
  2. The beach: Summer is when my family comes together for Christmas and goes to our place at the beach (eg
  3. Long holidays: I get around 3 months of holidays from university!
  4. Shopping sales: Boxing day sales in all the stores - possibly even on etsy!
  5. Catching up with friends: It's always a great time to have fun, have a few drinks, see the 'Big Summer Movies' and catch up with friends you may have lost touch with over the hectic year.
  6. Dresses: Donning a lovely flowy dress over bikinis after a swim in the sea - is, well, one of life's simple pleasures.
  7. Bike riding: Having recently purchased a vintage Swiss bike (will post pics soon), cycling around the coast will be a lovely thing this Summer.
What does Summer mean to you? Or alternatively Winter? Everyone has their own traditions...

(Lomography image thanks to rockmenow48)

The Heat

Some Like it Hot...But I... well, I do not! Only when I'm at the beach do I enjoy the searing heat that we are already getting so early into Summer (it's 31 degrees - Celsius outside!) I'm sorry for whining about the heat to all you who are suffering the cold - but, wanna trade?

Although, I do like the movie "Some Like it Hot" - check out one of my favourite scenes below.

The People's Paparazzi

I think it's possible, that we, the people are being paparazzi stalked by Facebook!

Facebook - the latest internet 'must use' social networking site. Some are rapt in it - some blatantly opposed to it (read: just to stand against trendsters - see image below)

I must admit that I succumbed to the Facebook fad a year ago and thought that the 'checking-account-every-two-seconds addiction' would have faded by now - but no.

However, seeing stories about: a bank worker found dressed as a fairy on his Facebook account, another worker busted on Facebook for throwing a fake sick day (in his profile status, he said he was hungover), a gold medal winning olympian accused of posting Facebook photos proving she parties too hard and dresses raunchy, etc.. has snowballed my questions about the real reason the social networking site exists - and whether I should disconnect for moral reasons.

Is the company's aim to 'connect people' really legitimate and honest? Or is it acting as a sort of paparazzi site for everyone who connects?

Do you think twice before posting that pic from last weekend's party?

(Image above courtesy of avlxyz)

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Stupidity!

Don't you hate it when you do something stupid, and perpetuate the stupid feeling by feeling embarrassed that you could feel so stupid about something so small and stupid!? :-)

Well today when I was at work, I put a phone call through from the front-desk to a co-worker and said to her,'You're welcome,' - the co-worker hadn't even said thank you in the first place.

I promptly hung-up the phone and felt like the guy above! On a side note, I really am enjoying the Office (US version) of late - Steve Carrell (Michael) and Rainn Wilson (Dwight) are so hilarious! I love it how they capture office boredom instead of glorfiying a mundane job... (Kudos to Ricky Gervais)

So, why is it that such silly little things make us feel stupid? What's a ridiculous thing you have been embarrassed about?

(Image from here)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Eye-Opening Read

So, I'm currently reading the controversial book, 'Infidel' by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, that exposes Islam and the intricacies of the religion.

The author and critic of Islam, Ali, explains her life growing up in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc escaping political turmoil. The book is both shocking and eye-opening on so many levels! (Religion, day-to-day life in a predominantly Muslim country in the '80's, her home life etc...)

I'm only half-way through but it is one of those drug-like books that sticks in your mind and you can't wait to get your next hit!

Great book for anyone looking for a more serious, and interesting read these holidays.

(Image from here)

The Perfect Australia

Just went to the premiere of 'Australia' with my date, and we loved it!

Surprising that a guy would love such a romantic story - but he did! Afterwards we had Japanese food... the night was perfect... I hope the film is popular overseas! Have you seen it?

(Image from here)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Keyboard Shuffle

Having one of those days... It has been a while since my last post but uni work got hectic - peaked with exams and now I'm on summer holidays for three months!

I was excited, until I realised I had to work for a few weeks in my dad's office - he works in property - it's dry! All I do is send invoices, type emails/letters and secretly leap from blog to blog!

Hence, it is from the front desk of his office that I come to you with this post... and wanted to share with you all some boredom-buster blogs that have proved quite useful for passing the time:

- Quirky

- Political

- Cute/Funny

- Fashion

- Homes

What are your favourite perking up blogs? Or other hints to keep you going through a tiresome work day?

(Image from here)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

List # 3

Yesterdays to do list... Filled with home duties - mind cluttered with uni work!

List # 2

Okay, I admit, a 'Shopping List' doesn't really count as a 'To-Do' list. So, voila - last weeks to do list...

List # 1

Never used shopping list - remains pinned to my board. I seem to like to shop on a whim! Not good for the pocket!

The Scanner Darkly!

There has been a large lag between 'the first listing' and this post - purely because my scanner died and cannot be fixed! Apologies, especially to those who gave me some positive feedback about this idea.

Let me clarify and say that there has by NO means been a shortage of 'to do lists' actually it's been just the opposite!

So, I have found a way around my technical difficulties - I shall take pictures of my lists and post them up!

annie :-)

Friday, September 05, 2008

The First Listing...

I have been wanting to create a blog that reflects me and daily life, incorporating blatant sarcasm and observational humour... my AHA! moment came today.

Ever since I was burdened with the responsibilities of the mature world I have been writing "To Do" lists. These span from everyday activities to life goals etc....

This blog will now explain, My Life... in To Do lists.


Copyright Disclaimer:

This blog is a tracking of my ramblings - however sporadic and "un-meaning" my works may be they are still mine (unless otherwise expressed), not yours! No works may be copied from this blog. All works on this blog; writings, photos and recipes must be referenced back to me.