Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The People's Paparazzi

I think it's possible, that we, the people are being paparazzi stalked by Facebook!

Facebook - the latest internet 'must use' social networking site. Some are rapt in it - some blatantly opposed to it (read: just to stand against trendsters - see image below)

I must admit that I succumbed to the Facebook fad a year ago and thought that the 'checking-account-every-two-seconds addiction' would have faded by now - but no.

However, seeing stories about: a bank worker found dressed as a fairy on his Facebook account, another worker busted on Facebook for throwing a fake sick day (in his profile status, he said he was hungover), a gold medal winning olympian accused of posting Facebook photos proving she parties too hard and dresses raunchy, etc.. has snowballed my questions about the real reason the social networking site exists - and whether I should disconnect for moral reasons.

Is the company's aim to 'connect people' really legitimate and honest? Or is it acting as a sort of paparazzi site for everyone who connects?

Do you think twice before posting that pic from last weekend's party?

(Image above courtesy of avlxyz)


Prêt à Voyager said...

That store sign is hilarious!!!


Annabelle said...

Haha it is isn't it!? It's from a cafe in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks for commenting.

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