Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The thanks for this Summer

Okay, so why the increased amount of posts today?

Primarily because I'm bored - am in my Dad's office doing paperwork, filing etc...

Was thinking about my 'summer whinge' post (written soon after I'd gotten my lunch in the sweltering heat) - and decided to follow the recent U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving tradition.

7 things I am grateful for this Summer:

  1. Ripe and delicious local fruit (Peaches and Watermelon and Cherries - oh my!)
  2. The beach: Summer is when my family comes together for Christmas and goes to our place at the beach (eg
  3. Long holidays: I get around 3 months of holidays from university!
  4. Shopping sales: Boxing day sales in all the stores - possibly even on etsy!
  5. Catching up with friends: It's always a great time to have fun, have a few drinks, see the 'Big Summer Movies' and catch up with friends you may have lost touch with over the hectic year.
  6. Dresses: Donning a lovely flowy dress over bikinis after a swim in the sea - is, well, one of life's simple pleasures.
  7. Bike riding: Having recently purchased a vintage Swiss bike (will post pics soon), cycling around the coast will be a lovely thing this Summer.
What does Summer mean to you? Or alternatively Winter? Everyone has their own traditions...

(Lomography image thanks to rockmenow48)


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