Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Poolside Christmas Gift Exchange

So, my bf (P.) and I just exchanged Christmas gifts by the pool of my beach apartment... aside from it being a lovely setting he got me the greatest presents!

One was an beautiful red folding Longchamp bag, another was a VERY 'me' typewriter mug from etsy store; CircaCeramics, and last was some delicious hot chocolate!

So I've decided that the way to a woman's heart is = a handbag + an etsy item + anything chocolate! And a fabulous gentleman-ly boyfriend!

I can't wait to use the bag when I go to the farmer's markets on my bike (promise to post pictures of my bike when I'm home!)

I bought him; tickets to music concert (featuring a band who plays one of 'our songs'), two cups from etsy, and I made him some peanut brittle!

What Christmas presents have you recieved or given that were great? Can't wait for Christmas tomorrow!

(Image above A Cup of Jo)


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