Friday, December 26, 2008

The Regifting of Gifts that You've Been Gifted at this Time of Giving

Whichever way you celebrated Christmas this year - chance is you may have recieved a few dud gifts... so, it's time to talk about regifting.

In this NYTimes article, Joyce Wadler highlights the serious rules to consider when recycling your rejected Christmas gifts.
  1. "Do not re-gift items that have been opened or used (a family heirloom, presented as such, is the exception)
  2. Do not re-gift one of a kind items, which will nail you if the item is spotted - as certain as a DNA sample
  3. Examine any gift carefully for old cards (one may be tucked into the box)
  4. Do not re-gift to someone in the same social group in which you recieved the gift."
Anybody have any regifting stories? Or have you been caught committing this sinful deed!? (I know I have!)


katie t said...

i found your blog through a friends...

...I LOVE IT and i'll be back!

Maggie May said...


found you browsing round and this is funny :)

Annabelle said...

Thanks for stopping by katie t and Maggie May

Vodka Mom said...

I do it ALL the time! I get crazy teacher presents, and give them to all my relatives!!


Lynne said...

Well, I got a handbag from my sister in law this Christmas, which I didn't like. She told me she didn't have the receipt and she bought it in a shop in a town an hour or so away. Well, I didn't say anything, but that shop also has a branch near us, so I took the bag in, hoping they would let me exchange it. Anyway, the saleslady phoned the branch she said she got it from, as they didn't stock it, and they said that they haven't stocked that line for OVER TWO YEARS. Sound suspicious? I think so...

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