Friday, December 19, 2008

The Rickroll

Okay, so I'm holiday blogging - but had to share my Rickroll experience. So by now, many of you have either been Rickrolled on Youtube, or have at least heard about it. If not here & here are some explanations...

I was Rickrolled antique style: While holidaying up here (in our coastal slice of paradise) I enjoy going to the beach, relaxing with some tea & a good book & always love browsing through the local antique/junk store where the man always sells me rare records and eclectic jewellery - at a good bargain.

While there I found the Rick Astley LP with 'Never Gonna Give You Up' on it.

Had to get it! And when I get home, I will play it loudly and Rickroll the entire neighbourhood :-)

On a side note, did you read that Rick Astley himself Rickrolled the Macy Thanksgiving's Parade?

What do you think of this Youtube blast-from-the-past-into-today phenomenon?


La Clocharde said...

Hahaha! OMG...will you believe this? It happened the same thing to me with that song too. I don't know, I found a link to it somewhere and had to play it really loud while cleaning the house.
I love revivals, especially these kind of ones. It's not the music I like, but...I can't resist to it.

Project Ecoart said...

This is my era so I love it!!!!

please sir said...

Haha that is too funny! Happy Holidays!

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