Friday, November 28, 2008

The Stupidity!

Don't you hate it when you do something stupid, and perpetuate the stupid feeling by feeling embarrassed that you could feel so stupid about something so small and stupid!? :-)

Well today when I was at work, I put a phone call through from the front-desk to a co-worker and said to her,'You're welcome,' - the co-worker hadn't even said thank you in the first place.

I promptly hung-up the phone and felt like the guy above! On a side note, I really am enjoying the Office (US version) of late - Steve Carrell (Michael) and Rainn Wilson (Dwight) are so hilarious! I love it how they capture office boredom instead of glorfiying a mundane job... (Kudos to Ricky Gervais)

So, why is it that such silly little things make us feel stupid? What's a ridiculous thing you have been embarrassed about?

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Eye-Opening Read

So, I'm currently reading the controversial book, 'Infidel' by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, that exposes Islam and the intricacies of the religion.

The author and critic of Islam, Ali, explains her life growing up in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc escaping political turmoil. The book is both shocking and eye-opening on so many levels! (Religion, day-to-day life in a predominantly Muslim country in the '80's, her home life etc...)

I'm only half-way through but it is one of those drug-like books that sticks in your mind and you can't wait to get your next hit!

Great book for anyone looking for a more serious, and interesting read these holidays.

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The Perfect Australia

Just went to the premiere of 'Australia' with my date, and we loved it!

Surprising that a guy would love such a romantic story - but he did! Afterwards we had Japanese food... the night was perfect... I hope the film is popular overseas! Have you seen it?

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Keyboard Shuffle

Having one of those days... It has been a while since my last post but uni work got hectic - peaked with exams and now I'm on summer holidays for three months!

I was excited, until I realised I had to work for a few weeks in my dad's office - he works in property - it's dry! All I do is send invoices, type emails/letters and secretly leap from blog to blog!

Hence, it is from the front desk of his office that I come to you with this post... and wanted to share with you all some boredom-buster blogs that have proved quite useful for passing the time:

- Quirky

- Political

- Cute/Funny

- Fashion

- Homes

What are your favourite perking up blogs? Or other hints to keep you going through a tiresome work day?

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