Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Fire!

I'm tired.

It's 3:51am here, "Why are you awake at this crazy time?", you say?

My family and I were just awoken by the fire alarm in our house - first time I've ever heard it go off here in my life!

Thank goodness there was no fire -but I'm awake now!

P.S. You know what was funny though? I always thought in a fire situation I'd grab as many valuables as I could before I left the house - but I didn't, I just ran for the door, to my parents room to make sure they heard it, and then downstairs... strange?

Have any of you faced a closer brush with fire?


katie t said...

no i never have BUUUUUT...

i'm so glad that it all turned out ok! what was it? why did it go off? pheeeeewwww!

have a good one...


Mr. Norwood said...

I was at work cooking and I left the kitchen for just a couple of minutes to make sure my guys were alright. ( I worked with the handicap at the time) I came back to the kitchen and the stove was on fire. First I got my guys out of the house and then I went back in to try and fight the fire. The other worker called 911 but By the time the fire men got there the fire was out. The same thing happened a week later. I have no idea what was wrong with that house but thats my fire story....LOL

Countrybelle said...

that is interesting. i often wonder what i would do in horrible situations... a little morbid, i suppose.
but anyway, i love your sweet blog. so much to look at! thank you for stopping by mine. also, i'd love if you'd come to my secret blog:
i will visit again soon!

Rachelle Andujar said...

The alarm in my building goes off atleast once a month. Now, I just look out the window to see if people are running. If not, I'm fast asleep. Luckily, my escape is conveniently located in front of my bed.

Annabelle said...

Thanks for your feedback everyone... Mr Norwood, your fire story sounds absolutely frightening! I can't believe it happened again the week after! Glad you're okay!
And Rachelle, that must be so annoying! But very convenient that your escape route is so handy!

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