Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Annual Resolution

I love new beginnings. The start of a new diary... the promise of a diligent exercise regimen & the general hope that this year, is the year.

My new years resolutions for this nouveau commencement are;

1. Exercise more, including more enjoyable incidental exercise (cycling, surfing with the bf and walking to the shops)
2. Do more work experience (Volunteer at the local radio and generally put myself out there)

3. Assess my career options and refind the focus that I seem to have lost in the rush of 2008
4. Find my passion
5. Live and love the rest of this summer

What are yours?

(Great surfer girl image thanks to LOV-E on Flickr)


please sir said...

Oh yes the new year will bring us new things! Love your resolutions - Happy New Year!

Maverick said...

Hi Annabelle!
Great resolutions!! I made ten resolutions this year (my first year making resolutions ever)
Some of them are:

-No using credit cards all year
-Learn to cook
-Learn to knit
-Make at least 2 new friends

I love your blog :) Want to exchange links?

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