Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Peanut Butter Question

Okay, so at the moment I have been asking everyone I know one question, and although it's a little bizarre, I'm very curious to hear your responses:

Do you spread butter on your toast before peanut butter?

Or do you have just peanut butter?

I know it's silly, but it's nice to be lighthearted sometimes... I'll tell you what I do in the next post!

**UPDATE: I have just peanut butter - my Nana used to spread butter before peanut butter on my toast, I thought it was so bizarre!
(Funny image from doc18)


Emily said...

i'd never heard of spreading butter on first, but i'm sure it tastes much better that way!

katie t said...

oh no! just peanut butter or nutella for sure!

Rachelle Andujar said...

No butter. Only Natural peanut butter. Oh and I did try Nutella in Holland a couple of weeks ago. Mmm

Annabelle said...

Yes, peanut butter and butter is a tad bizarre I do believe... glad that you are all on the same wavelength, because many people I ask think it's crazy I eat mine with just peanut butter!

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