Saturday, January 03, 2009

Le Bonne et Heureuse Année

Happy New Year!

I hope that you started 2009 off the way you wished... was the night as fully overrated as you'd expected - 0r did you surprise yourself?

The Sydney fireworks this year were absolutely amazing. This was largely due to the out-of-this-world view my friend and I had on the deck of her boyfriend's apartment (photo below).

However there was no countdown kiss for me, as I had made these plans before P. (bf) and I became official.

But as I went to bed that night I came to a realisation about New Years Eve and it's mystical pressure power = it's the countdown's fault.

When you think about it, the night flows like any other: a few drinks, some great company, laughter...

It isn't until that "10 - 9 - 8..." that everyone FREAKS out,

"This is it. The New Year is coming and I don't know what to do. Quick! Kiss me."

And BOOM, the fireworks begin and it's time to assess. Not the year you just had, oh no, but the night,

"Did I do that right? Did I put a significant amount of pressure on myself to have fun tonight?... Yeah I guess I could have picked up my game in that 10:45pm - 11:30pm lag period."

How did you do?

Was it your best yet, or your worst? Do tell...

(Cute Gran photo from Cowtools on Flickr, Alan Eisenstaedt's kiss from here)


katie t said...

i would have to say that compared to some years in the past...i was actually at my best...because i made sure that i had not set myself up to be disappointed!

...and i just happened to meet and hook it up a little with a hot boy!!!

it was a GREAT way to start the year! hehehe

Annabelle said...

Ooh katie t, so glad you had a great new years eve! and the hot boy hook-up!! couldn't think of a better way to start 2009!

I wonder what the rest of 2009 will bring?...

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