Friday, January 09, 2009

The MARVEL-lous Obama

Have you read?

To commemorate the Innaugration of President-Elect Obama, Marvel has featured B.O. in the latest Spiderman comic!

Plot: Spiderman decides the President-Elect will need his help in office, so he comes to the rescue - but has to determine the real Obama from an imposter Obama through a basketball game. At the end the real Obama thanks Spidey with his signature 'fist-bump'.

Is he the first President to be featured in a Marvel comic?

I'm not a comic book reader by any means, but if they made one about B.O. I'd be a regular reader!

Images courtesy of Marvel.


Maverick said...

I'm not sure if he's the first, but I hadn't seen this before! Haha, it's so funny. Glad that you had fun :) Did you find something to wear?

xx. Mavvie


I'm really excited about our new President as much as the world!...Thank you for your kind words as well...I'm so touched... ~SMILEs*

sarah said...

Haha this is funny and cute at the same time.
YAY for the new President!

Kimberlee said...

Isn't is so exciting! and even for us who live in little Australia. fabulous post x

katie t said...

how cool is that?!?

Maggie May said...

that's pretty cool.

Lynne said...

Hi Annabelle, I can't find the post or comment where you sent me a list of Obama's favourite music - can you send it to me again?

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