Thursday, January 29, 2009

Smile! You're on Google's Camera.

Caught in the act by Google "Street View"!

Rome: A couple kissing, but what if they're not & have been caught cheating - through street view!

Rome: Someone who doesn't agree with Google's view.

Paris: Busted par la Police.

Paris: A rollerblader had a trip - I couldn't help but giggle! I'm sorry!

U.S: Biiig night out!

U.S: Busted, but for what? Notice bags of (possibly) drugs resting on the back of the car!? Or maybe it's just his laundry...

Images from the Brisbane Times & read this story on the Brisbane Times.


Maggie May said...

what a hoot!

Mila said...

Hahaha so funny!
I didn't even know this existed.
I hope i have never been caught when looking horrible....haha.


Anonymous said...

Oh, funny. I like this!

tigermilk said...

ahah i hope im not caught one day

Krystal said...

those are AMAZING!!!

katie t said...

way too funny!

Anonymous said...

haha...funny!!!! you made me laugh today!

molly said...

haha thats hilarious!
and thanks again for featuring me :)

Leigh said...

I had no idea that google zoomed in to street view yet. wow. Great captures.

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