Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Sound of Musicians

I am heading off to Sunset Sounds today - a two day music festival, with a great line-up (see below).There are a few great local acts playing, Yves Klein Blue is my favourite. There are also some great international ones; can't WAIT to see Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings for some funky jazz, and petite French chanteuse Soko will be fabulous too!

But aside from music, I feel that there's always a pressure to look good at music festivals; any suggestions for possible summer festival outfits?


Maverick said...

Hmm how about:

A summer dress with a cute jacket and doc martin-ish boots

Cut-off jean shorts with a worn out tee shirt & flip flops. Or heels.

Shorts with leggings, flats, and tee shirt.

skirt, boots and tank top/tee with hoodie?

Got any concert tees? that might be cool. Or just a plain white tee...are you able to get any of the bands to sign? That'd be sweet. I've been wanting to get a series of white tees, and at the parties I go to from now on, just let people sign them or write on them. Eek, sorry to get off topic! Hope you have fun :)

love, mavvie

katie t said...

tegan and sara?

franz ferdinand?

the hives?

uh yeah. i may be boring with what i know about music but still....

...can you say extremely envious!?!

have fun and i'm sure that anything t's and flip flops will be hot :)

Annabelle said...

Thanks for the dress tips girls!
I ended up wearing denim shorts, a breexy gypsy blouse, floral brooch and thongs (as in flip flops - aussie's call them thongs! haha)

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