Sunday, January 11, 2009

The 'Squirm' Factor

After recieving oodles of bad press for her acting in 'Australia', Nicole Kidman has recently come out & told a Sydney radio station that she couldn't watch herself in Baz Luhrmann's epic film without squirming!

Really Kidman? You didn't like yourself in the film, so what hope does that leave for everyone else's opinion of your acting?

I thought she wasn't great at the beginning of the film, but she warmed up as it went on...

Have you seen it? What do you think?

(Photo from MsBlueSky)


Chester said...

I haven't seen it.
I wanted to, until I heard it was bad.

Maverick said...

Hmmm, I didn't see it, but I saw her in Dead Calm which is an old "thriller" type. The movie isn't even really that good, but for some reason I enjoy watching it.

And! I had originally wanted to get an old Diana one, instead, but I just couldn't resist the bright colors of the Holga, lol. I feel so lame!

love, Mav

Maggie May said...

i thought she did her best acting when she was miserable.


i saw this and winced the entire way through, its like she has become a caricature of herself! i do agree that she warmed up later on in the film, but still it was painful. in fact the whole film was quite shudder worthy for me, i feel like it made a joke out of Australia's past problems and the ending message was totally ignorant. although thats just me and it really had very good intentions!

katie t said...

first off...i am not a nicole fan at all so she bugged me during the whole movie...

now hugh on the other hand? i could stare at him for hours!

the movie was a "good feel good" movie but i'm sure that i also did not feel any passion for or against it because i don't "know" the history....

Annabelle said...

Appreciate hearing your points of view on this subject everyone! I completely agree with you Maggie May - her acting was much better when she was miserable... Also Katie t - I think I liked Australia primarily because of Hugh - that soap washing off scene --- the BEST!

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