Friday, January 16, 2009

That Doggone B#*ch!

I'm annoyed - as you can see from the post title. I just took my dogs down to our local dog park, as I usually do 2 or 3 times a week.

Oh, I just realised I haven't introduced you to my two dogs. I have two miniature schnauzers, Sam (the father, above - 11 yrs) and Max (his son, below - 10 yrs).

Okay, now you're up to speed, let me tell you the story... I walked into the park with my excited puppies on the lead (as they're supposed to be before entering).

When I got inside the gate, I nelt down undid Sam and went to undo Max when one dog jumped on us viciously, then about 3 others followed!

The "Leader-Bully Dog", as I'll call him - tried biting Max so I was pulling Max up by his lead to get him safe in my arms and the dog starting jumping on me and biting me!!

I was so stunned because three or four dog owners were just standing there, in a semi-circle watching unflinchingly as I struggled in a dust-cloud with these huge dogs!! Then finally a man came and helped out, getting the "Leader-Bully Dog"off us.

As soon as it was safe, I bent down and let Max off the leash. However, as I stood up the "Doggone B#*ch" owner of the "Leader-Bully Dog" said to me, "Maybe you should take him off the leash next time."

It took everything in me not to Jerry-Springer-skank-slam her to the ground, so I snapped back like a chihuahua, "Well I was trying, but some beastly dogs were jumping all over me."

Then she said, "Oh, yeah. Well... sorry."

How horrible was she? I really think dogs reflect their owner's personalities. I was so shocked that everyone was so complacent and just watched as I was jumped all over!

Once, my sister had a bad run in at a dog park in Scotland. She tried to protect the dog she was looking after (a friend's I think) and was bitten on the wrist! She still has a scar from it...

So then, it seems mean dog owners and their beastly dogs are universal, have you ever had a scary encounter?

*Status Report*: As soon as we got home, I gave both the dogs a bone. I am happy to report that they are both in a "contented" condition.


chloe said...

i'm glad you're ok! but i like the way you told the story...
of course you can link to me. i'd be honored :)

katie t said...

well atleast you kept your calm. i would have gone off to that bitch of an owner! its true. dogs reflect the owner!

i don't have any pet biting stories but when i owned a beagle, bridger was her name, i would get so annoyed when we'd be out and she'd need a "poop break". she would do her thing and then i would have my bag in hand to clean up the mess. it use to make me so angry to watch dogs doing their business while the owner just watched and then walked away doing nothing about it! ANNOYING!!!

Maggie May said...

oh Gawd. i'm sorry!
your dogs are SO CUTE. i mean ridiculously cute. my daughter wants a little dog like that badly- our two are medium/big sized.

Miss Aimee said...

Seems that any time we venture out to a dog park with our sweet mild mannered golden retreiver something like your experience happens. SO SAD that dog owners can't get a grip. I guess its the same though....for dogs....bullys are everywhere. You are sweet to not have freaked. I would have freaked and freaked. Are you going to go back? Glad you all are okay!!

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