Friday, February 27, 2009

TG for Someecards

Someecards have eloquently and elegantly said it again, are your feelings mutual? I'm feeling a definite TGIF.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

So uni started back this week, and I've been busy wrapping my mind around the whole concept again. I'm really sorry I've been so absent, but I will more than make up for it - promise.

I'm studying some interesting subjects in my Journalism degree this Semester; Feature Writing, Journalism Ethics and Issues and Film and TV.

I won't go on and bore you with the outline of each subject, but yes, I'm looking forward to learning more about all of them!

And thank you all for your feedback re: my layout - so lovely.

Anyway, I want to hear what's happening in your world?

I'm watching Annie Hall on cable right now.

What are you all up to this weekend? I'll tell you my plans in the next post.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Layout, Schmayout.

So, you may or may not have noticed, but I've been rejigging my layout.

I decided to get all tricky and add another column (on the left).

Completey irrelevant image, lost source, but it's great isn't it?

And let me tell you, it was tricky.

But now, I want to hear your feedback. What should I add / take away?

Do you have any "make your blog look pretty tips"?

I ask because, you are the beautifully kind ones who read my ramblings, so it's best to please you right?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

“NBC has me under contract...."

...the baby and I only have a verbal agreement,” Tina Fey.

Well I had planned to have a quiet weekend while my parents were away at the coast. I ended up entertaining my friend, her friend, her boyfriend and his friend at my house - now, I'm pooped!

So now, I'm doing all my weekend internet reading and here are a few I'd like to share with you all, if you get a quiet moment:

- Interesting article about Tina Fey (her past, and 30 Rock).
- I'm looking forward to the Oscar "secret".
- When it causes more harm than good, it's a sign it needs to be closed.
- Oh my gosh Hugh Jackman is dreamy! (Such big guns!)
- Will Ferrell is George Bush.
- Favourite image of the week - gave me goosebumps.
- A tweeting miracle.

Youthful Meryl Streep at the Oscars, 1980.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Committed People's Paparazzi Suicide

So, I committed Facebook (aka "The People's Paparazzi") suicide two weeks ago now. And I don't really miss it.

It was a rash decision made one afternoon for a myriad of reasons... basically just because I was "over" the social networking site.

And now I'm free to move on with my life.

But, okay I'm not some sort of martyr. I couldn't completely withdraw myself from the internet social world (is that an oxymoron?) So now I'm using twitter, except none of my friends are on there yet, only my tech-advanced brother is.

And what I'm interested to know is what social network site do you prefer?

I'm curious after reading this column.

Become my twitter friend too!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Disposable Cameras to be Disposed of!

Excuse my blogging absense of late, I know I've posted but have been rather vague but I have some exciting things on the boil in my life at the moment that I want to share with you.

This is how busy I've been... notice the pensive look, I've had the exact same one on my face, whilst sitting beautifully upright and posing, of course.

This past week I've been filling out forms and writing an essay on why I should be chosen to go on an exchange to a university in Lille, France.

I handed all of the paperwork in today and my interview is next Wednesday!

Meanwhile, I had my photos developed from the Melbourne trip (I always use disposable cameras) and a really great one came out (see below).

The view from my aeroplane window.

And the photo-man shared with me some horrible news; for anyone else who loves the images that disposable cameras create, they're phasing them out! :-( So now, I'm stocking up!

So that's my news of late, what's happening in your world?

(As usual click on the images for the source).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ever Had One of Those Days?

This guy has...

The Japanese Finance Minister, Soichi Nakagawa, resigned today after appearing drunk at a G7 news conference... seems as if the economic crisis is getting to him!

Friday, February 13, 2009

True Love is: Colouring Your Bike in with Black Marker Pen.

Okay, so I haven't addressed "that day" that is coming up tomorrow.

To escape the generic Valentines day thing, I've found a video that I'm sure you'll all love.

Emma featured on her blog this adorable Australian short film about a young crush - so I had to steal it and share it with you (sidenote; check out Emmas blog, it's always heartwarming).

Watch it, you won't regret it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fantasy Dinner Party

I had coffee with my lovely friend Lizzie today. We got to talking about many things - one of them our 'Fantasy Dinner Party'.

This is always a favourite question of mine, it reveals a lot about a person. And in these tough economic times, the thought of throwing a dinner party for any number of guests is decadent!

So I want to ask you all;

"Which eight people, dead or alive, would you invite to your dinner party? And why?"

Voilà my guest list:

1. Barack Obama:
Because he is an amazing orator.

2. Marion Cotillard:
Her portrayal of Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose was absolutely amazing - a work of art.

3. Edith Piaf:
She had a lot of spunk, I'd love to hear what she thought of Marion's performance.

4. Ella Fitzgerald:
I would love to hear her live and tell her how fabulous her music is.

5. Marilyn Monroe:
I would ask her how she died - and would organise for her to sing with Edith & Ella.

6. Edward R. Murrow:
Greatest investigative journalist.

7. Aayan Hirsi Ali:
To strike up some topical religious/political discussions.

8. Sarah Palin:
Because she's a crazy lady. I'd make her do the washing up.

Now I'm tagging five fabulous bloggers to post up their answers; Katie T, Char, Maggie May, Micaela and VodkaMom.

If I haven't tagged you - please join in anyway and let me know...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two for the Price of... Democracy

So you remember that I mentioned in the post before that Israel was coming close to electing the first female Prime Minister (since Golda Meir was appointed in 1969)?

Well the Huffpost has just announced that she (Tzipi Livni) won... as did her ministerial rival Benjamin Netanyahu... hmmm.

Okay, "...what the what!?"

So, I'm polling something myself: I want to know how you think they'll settle this?

1. Arm wrestle.
2. Pie-eating contest.
3. Staring competition.

You Can't Walk Two Stairs at a Time in a Pencil-Skirt

I'm in Dad's office today - reception work...

D to the U to the L to the L!

But have you heard?...

  • Australians have collectively raised (in 4 days) $31 million for the fire victims. Pretty good for a population of 21 million.

Now tell me your news?...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

Well - wow! My weekend in Melbourne was a whirlwind: in the literal sense & romantic sense.

We arrived back this evening & after unpacking my old things & beautiful new ones, I had to jump online, I missed the blogosphere!

Firstly, I had an absolutely lovely time with P. eating our way around the city!

We agreed that we had, without exaggeration, the best meal of our lives at Neil Perry's Rockpool restaurant.

Entree: Beautiful goatscheese, prawn and pinenut ravioli
Main: Mouthwateringly delicious and tender wagyu steak
Desert: Delicately devine rasberry and vanilla millefeuille.

Many other culinary delights were experienced, but Perry's restaurant was a stand-out.

There was not a bad coffee had the entire time either! Melbourne completely lived up to it's cafe culture.

Now for the literal whirlwind: we did some serious shopping on the hottest day I have experienced in my life! It was 46.5 degrees celsius (eg. 115.7 farenheit)!!

A Firefighter fights off the flames: Sadly, it was so hot that bushfires began in the outskirts of the Victorian State. So far the death toll is a 85.

The best way I can explain it is being trapped in an enormous fan forced oven... the hot hot wind barrelled down the streets and completely encapsulated your body.

But, of course like a real trooper, I forced myself to keep shopping!

Anyway, I'm really quite pooped, but have many stories and memories to share with you during the week... so stay tuned.

I'd love to hear how your weekend went?

Please spare a thought for the lives lost...

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Change of Scenery

I'd forgotten to tell you all, but I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow! I just finished over-packing then.

(As usual click on images for source).

P. has a business lunch there on Friday, so we thought we'd take the fabulous opportunity to have a weekend down there.

I haven't been in about 7 years, but I know it has great shops, the best cafe culture and an overall "European" feel to it!

Even better, we get to travel everywhere by trams!

My friend who regularly travels down there has given me the loveliest, most extensive list of must do/eats/shop - so now I'm even more excited!

Anyway here are some links to keep you entertained (I couldn't completely up and leave you):
So, I wish you all a great weekend and shall fill you all in on our adventures when I return!

What are you up to this w/e?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Recipe: Chocolate Torte (Torte's a weird word).

Okay, so "healthy eating" may be on the edge ready to jump out the window at the moment, because I made Wendy Dooldeniya's (featured on Design Sponge) yummy chocolate torte yesterday afternoon.

I came close to wolfing it down my throat in one swoop, but restrained myself and am taking it into Dad's work today (I've got to do reception work) - so I'll tell you if it's delicious, or not!

I wish I could invite you all around for some tea and sugary-goodness!

But do you have any
must-try recipes you'd like to share?

I'm in the mood for last minute baking before uni starts at the end of this month.

The Resolution to Start Over My Resolutions...

By the end of January I realised that I hadn't started even one of my new year's resolutions.

(Click the images for the Flickr source)

And at this thought, my mind began to whir and I came to a fork in the road:

Okay, speaking figuratively not literally.

First fork:
allow my list of goals for 2009 to dissipate over the year?
Second Fork:
still try to achieve them?

Solution: I'm adhering to Chinese New Year, which fell on 26 January this year (but I tailored it to me and began on the 1st Feb). This way, I can restart my resolutions and still try to achieve them!

And so far, so good. I've been very busy; trying to exercise everyday in some form and generally organising myself... I even went to IKEA!

Anyway, I'm interested to hear how your resolutions are going?

If they are like mine were, tell yourself you were waiting for Chinese New Year of course!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Recipe: It's Madeleines!

I ended up watching food porn all Sunday morning and after salivating for over an hour, I jumped up from the couch to get cooking!

So I pulled out my French cookbook and made the native soft biscuit cake, Madeleines.

These cake-like biscuits were immortalised by French writer Marcel Proust in his novel, Á la Recherche du Temps Perdu.
In his novel, the main character's mind is transported back to his childhood with a bite of the light and fluffy cake.

"And suddenly the memory revealed itself: The taste was that of the little piece of Madeleine which on Sunday mornings at Combray when I went to say good morning to her in her bedroom, my aunt Léonie used to give me, dipping it first in her own cup of tea..."

- Marcel Proust, Remembrance of Things Past.

Tea and a Madeleine, a sanctuary on a rainy Sunday.

(Proust image from here, Madeleines images from me!)

"What if everything is an illusion and nothing exists?"

"... In that case, I definitely overpaid for my carpet." - Woody Allen.

Well... I am pooped!

Have had quite a busy weekend (it involved lots of driving, some partying, laughing and a last minute trip to Ikea).

How has your weekend been?

I'm feeling very "Woody Allen-y" at the moment... time to pop in Annie Hall.

(Beautiful image from I'll Do It Tomorrow)

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