Sunday, February 01, 2009

"What if everything is an illusion and nothing exists?"

"... In that case, I definitely overpaid for my carpet." - Woody Allen.

Well... I am pooped!

Have had quite a busy weekend (it involved lots of driving, some partying, laughing and a last minute trip to Ikea).

How has your weekend been?

I'm feeling very "Woody Allen-y" at the moment... time to pop in Annie Hall.

(Beautiful image from I'll Do It Tomorrow)


setyourselfonfire said...

Hey great blog!

I'm really looking forward to watching the movie! I miss Heath too though :(

Anonymous said...

awww...thanks! this made my day :)

Light and Writing said...

Thanks for visiting me! Your blog makes me giggle out loud! And love your profile photo.

tigermilk said...

woody is funny on paper, hes very insightful. and my weekend was an extreeeeeme rollercoaster. and right now im just trying to pat my hair down and catch my breath.. o_0

katie t said...

what is up???

i'm exhausted too but i'm not going to complain since it involved some unexpected p.o.a. :) just kidding (kind was just some innocent making out but still) hmm hmm hmm!

i'm going to watch some "arrested development"!

katie t said...

oh yeah...

and to answer your question about the "twilight" frenzy???

i would have to say no but i've heard some friends tell me different. you're going to have to judge for yourself... Maegan said...

everything is an illusion. it all depends on what we think is real.

Indie.Tea said...

:) Great quote. Woody Allen always has such brilliant lines...

Kimberlee said...

Annabelle - that image is priceless, nice one! x

Char said...

love Annie most of his movies during that time. Brilliant.

la dee da, la dee da

katie t said...

i've thought a bit more about "twilight"...the first book was my favorite and i fell in love with edward (i love vampires because of the tv show "angel") but i just felt like the books got worse and worse by the end? make sense? i sounded so bitter but i'm not...they're fun, unrealistic, and addicting :)
what's better than that???

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