Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Disposable Cameras to be Disposed of!

Excuse my blogging absense of late, I know I've posted but have been rather vague but I have some exciting things on the boil in my life at the moment that I want to share with you.

This is how busy I've been... notice the pensive look, I've had the exact same one on my face, whilst sitting beautifully upright and posing, of course.

This past week I've been filling out forms and writing an essay on why I should be chosen to go on an exchange to a university in Lille, France.

I handed all of the paperwork in today and my interview is next Wednesday!

Meanwhile, I had my photos developed from the Melbourne trip (I always use disposable cameras) and a really great one came out (see below).

The view from my aeroplane window.

And the photo-man shared with me some horrible news; for anyone else who loves the images that disposable cameras create, they're phasing them out! :-( So now, I'm stocking up!

So that's my news of late, what's happening in your world?

(As usual click on the images for the source).


Char said...

these people trying to take our fun aways from us! how dare they??? I guess with the cheapness of digital, artistic ability gets over looked by the big profit seeking companies. boo.

Maggie May said...

BeAUTIful aeroplane view! hi there sweetie :)

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