Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fantasy Dinner Party

I had coffee with my lovely friend Lizzie today. We got to talking about many things - one of them our 'Fantasy Dinner Party'.

This is always a favourite question of mine, it reveals a lot about a person. And in these tough economic times, the thought of throwing a dinner party for any number of guests is decadent!

So I want to ask you all;

"Which eight people, dead or alive, would you invite to your dinner party? And why?"

Voilà my guest list:

1. Barack Obama:
Because he is an amazing orator.

2. Marion Cotillard:
Her portrayal of Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose was absolutely amazing - a work of art.

3. Edith Piaf:
She had a lot of spunk, I'd love to hear what she thought of Marion's performance.

4. Ella Fitzgerald:
I would love to hear her live and tell her how fabulous her music is.

5. Marilyn Monroe:
I would ask her how she died - and would organise for her to sing with Edith & Ella.

6. Edward R. Murrow:
Greatest investigative journalist.

7. Aayan Hirsi Ali:
To strike up some topical religious/political discussions.

8. Sarah Palin:
Because she's a crazy lady. I'd make her do the washing up.

Now I'm tagging five fabulous bloggers to post up their answers; Katie T, Char, Maggie May, Micaela and VodkaMom.

If I haven't tagged you - please join in anyway and let me know...


Vodka Mom said...

i love your list!! Now, let me think!!!

Char said...

that is a very interesting combination of people.

Anonymous said...

awww...thanks i'll be sure to do it soon!

Maggie May said...

wow your list is crazy! so eclectic. this is fun. let me think....

please sir said...

Ohh what a great idea to play - love it!

katie t said...

you've got yourself a good list! mine may be simple compared to yours :(

i did it so go and check it out!

Char said...

it was fun! I did mine

Maggie Madison said...

Great list. I must really think about this.

constance said...

haha great great list!

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