Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Committed People's Paparazzi Suicide

So, I committed Facebook (aka "The People's Paparazzi") suicide two weeks ago now. And I don't really miss it.

It was a rash decision made one afternoon for a myriad of reasons... basically just because I was "over" the social networking site.

And now I'm free to move on with my life.

But, okay I'm not some sort of martyr. I couldn't completely withdraw myself from the internet social world (is that an oxymoron?) So now I'm using twitter, except none of my friends are on there yet, only my tech-advanced brother is.

And what I'm interested to know is what social network site do you prefer?

I'm curious after reading this column.

Become my twitter friend too!


Bradford said...

committed facebook kamikaze myself and couldn't be happier! having real interaction, or having none, is quite nice....

Vodka Mom said...

I'm almost with you on Facebook stuff.

Let's twitter!!!

Char said...

I committed myspace suicide a few months ago and have been so happy since - too much drama. I like FB but, I've only been on there a short while. I keep my friend's list there pretty limited anyway. I enjoy the games. LOL

I twitter too.

Paul Pincus said...

twitter is so addictive!

please sir said...

I'm not into facebook or myspace either...I feel like I have enougth to worry about with a blog and yes, twitter!

Annabelle said...

Yeah go Twitter!! Add me :-)

Char: That's smart of you to have a limited FB friend list - mine got too silly, I had people on there from like Grade 3 who I never spoke to - stupid!!

Paul: Yep, I'm slowly becoming more addicted to twitter :-)

katie t said...

ok. the moment that i take on a new social network, i will let you know by going with twitter but for now? i just can't do it. i'm feeling pulled in way too many directions already :)

how was your v day?

Anonymous said...

thank you for committing facebook suicide!!! i never had a facebook in my life because i said it takes up too much idle time that could be spent doing more important things, except now im doing my whole blog thing, so it really doesn't make a difference.

Anonymous said...

ahh, i should totally leave facebook... but what about all my pictures! oh well, maybe i will someday.

Indie.Tea said...

Well, I technically have a Facebook account, but I only check it once in a while (maybe like twice a week maximum...or up to two weeks between log-ins).

Pixie July said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, it means I found yours!! I love the idea of a peek into someone's life through to-do lists of lovely things. And a big high five for your Facebook boycott!! That thing is evil. Not that I'm overdramatic or anything! ^^ x

Kimberlee said...

Well done!!!! I've often thought of it, but i've often thought of getting rid of my mobile phone too, unfortunately I realise that as much as I want to, I can't.... but certainly have facebook addiction down to an acceptable level these days...... i must admit though it has been fabulous to catch up with long lost friends - three girls i went to primary school with caught up just after new year who I hadn't seen in 14 years.

Don't worry Annabelle - Twitter will be the 'in' thing to do soon and you'll have it all sorted - you trendsetter you! x said...

facebook is toxic. i'm very close to opting out. hmm, maybe this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm considering closing my facebook, but i worry about not being invited to 'events' and getting those group emails. sigh* i dunno!

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