Sunday, February 22, 2009

“NBC has me under contract...."

...the baby and I only have a verbal agreement,” Tina Fey.

Well I had planned to have a quiet weekend while my parents were away at the coast. I ended up entertaining my friend, her friend, her boyfriend and his friend at my house - now, I'm pooped!

So now, I'm doing all my weekend internet reading and here are a few I'd like to share with you all, if you get a quiet moment:

- Interesting article about Tina Fey (her past, and 30 Rock).
- I'm looking forward to the Oscar "secret".
- When it causes more harm than good, it's a sign it needs to be closed.
- Oh my gosh Hugh Jackman is dreamy! (Such big guns!)
- Will Ferrell is George Bush.
- Favourite image of the week - gave me goosebumps.
- A tweeting miracle.

Youthful Meryl Streep at the Oscars, 1980.


Countrybelle said...

love that old picture of meryl streep. she is one of my favorite actresses b/c of how gracefully she's aged (and also her acting chops, of course). can't wait for the oscars!
countrybelle (and said...

i love tina fey - she looked smokin' at the oscars.

just found your blog and i think it's rad.

[J] said...

She was, is, so beautiful!

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