Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two for the Price of... Democracy

So you remember that I mentioned in the post before that Israel was coming close to electing the first female Prime Minister (since Golda Meir was appointed in 1969)?

Well the Huffpost has just announced that she (Tzipi Livni) won... as did her ministerial rival Benjamin Netanyahu... hmmm.

Okay, "...what the what!?"

So, I'm polling something myself: I want to know how you think they'll settle this?

1. Arm wrestle.
2. Pie-eating contest.
3. Staring competition.


Char said...

pie eating of course

Annabelle said...

Haha of course Char, it couldn't be any other way

Maggie May said...

yes pie eating, face full in pie

Gabby said...

Annabelle said...

Haha pie eating contest seems to be popular... let me see if I can set this up. Would make a great story, right?

Annabelle said...

Thanks Gabby - noted. There has been a previous female prime minister. I should research more!

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