Sunday, February 08, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

Well - wow! My weekend in Melbourne was a whirlwind: in the literal sense & romantic sense.

We arrived back this evening & after unpacking my old things & beautiful new ones, I had to jump online, I missed the blogosphere!

Firstly, I had an absolutely lovely time with P. eating our way around the city!

We agreed that we had, without exaggeration, the best meal of our lives at Neil Perry's Rockpool restaurant.

Entree: Beautiful goatscheese, prawn and pinenut ravioli
Main: Mouthwateringly delicious and tender wagyu steak
Desert: Delicately devine rasberry and vanilla millefeuille.

Many other culinary delights were experienced, but Perry's restaurant was a stand-out.

There was not a bad coffee had the entire time either! Melbourne completely lived up to it's cafe culture.

Now for the literal whirlwind: we did some serious shopping on the hottest day I have experienced in my life! It was 46.5 degrees celsius (eg. 115.7 farenheit)!!

A Firefighter fights off the flames: Sadly, it was so hot that bushfires began in the outskirts of the Victorian State. So far the death toll is a 85.

The best way I can explain it is being trapped in an enormous fan forced oven... the hot hot wind barrelled down the streets and completely encapsulated your body.

But, of course like a real trooper, I forced myself to keep shopping!

Anyway, I'm really quite pooped, but have many stories and memories to share with you during the week... so stay tuned.

I'd love to hear how your weekend went?

Please spare a thought for the lives lost...


Char said...

how horrible that so many were lost to fires. And I get whimpy when it reaches the 90s here. wow.

the dinner sounds divine.

katie t said...

i will of course remember them in my thoughts. how sad.....

...but i am so glad that you had such a great weekend! i can't wait to hear all of your stories.

my weekend was pretty mellow. i had my kids this weekend so we did alot of kid stuff. i did make it to a movie with my sis..."taken". it had its intense moments but you could wait to rent it for sure :)

Maggie May said...

that's so very sad.

i'm glad you are back, and safe.

Leigh said...

Best wishes your way, I just heard about the Fires and the flooding. SO devastating. And I cannot believe how freaking HOT it is.. awww.

Glad you are safe. :)

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

it is very sad that so many lives were lost to the fires.

Annabelle said...

Thank you for your lovely comments everyone :-) so lovely to hear from you all - and thank you for your well wishes for those trapped in the fire. Such a tragedy.

Indie.Tea said...

The restaurant sounds lovely :)

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