Monday, March 02, 2009

Croissants on Saturday, Deep Film on Sunday = a well rounded weekend

So I had a lovely weekend, woke up bright and early for the Farmer's markets on Saturday morning and ate a piping hot, delicious croissant (made in an oven there!)

Also I saw Revolutionary Road with my friend - and found it almost haunting. As she and I walked out of the cinema, we both looked at each other and agreed that after witnessing that film, we were never going to get married.

It was just such a shocking unveiling of the societal model of the 50's and how outward appearance mattered, and not much else. Whilst I love this period for the fashion and decor - I would never be able to endure such mundane societal expectations (women only good for cooking pie).

What is your opinion? Would you easily slot into the '50's housewife role?


Maggie May said...

oh no! i would have been miserable.

and that book was so empty and sad, so the complete opposite of anything at all that marriage has been for me.

Char said...

I'm not sure if all marriages were that empty and sad...I hope not. I think there were rule breakers then. But, I do love mid-century fashion and decor too. Very streamlined and smooth.

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