Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fish, Commiseration and Financiers

Well what a weekend!

Flickr: Another great image from Ms Blue Sky.

Friday night after French I had dinner with P. at a lovely restaurant that specialises in fish - not being a big fish eater, I'm always surprised when I leave this restaurant feeling that it's on my top 5... but they do it so simply and so well.

Saturday we voted for a state election, that evening we all went to a pub/restaurant nearby to watch as election results came in to decide the next leader of our state... and commiserated when our party of choice lost (to tell you the truth - I wanted neither party to win!)

Also, I finally met my brothers' new gf who was absolutely lovely, easily talkative, interesting and thoughtful (she offered to get me a drink and dinner!)... so big approval there! Who do you think is more scared when a sibling introduces a new gf/bf to the family, the sibling or the significant other? Had any strange experiences? Do tell...

Sunday, today was the day of financiers. I borrowed a great recipe from Indie.Tea at Darjeeling Dreams for dessert tonight after Dad's pork roast experiment ... and I think they turned out well, what do you think?

I love cooking sweet cakes and biscuits, but I end up eating the batter the entire way through - and always end up with that sick feeling at the end!

What have you been up to this weekend? Any tales to tell? Delicious food eaten?


Indie.Tea said...

Yours look lovely! I'm so glad that you enjoyed them.
I had dim sum with my parents this weekend :)

Char said...

sounds like a great weekend. boy could I tell you stories about my brother's gfs but since he reads my blogs...I'm taking the 5th.

the dessert looks extra yummy.

Anonymous said...

looks delicious!

what is the name of the fish restaurant?

gj xoxo


I'm sure your kitchen smells warm & delicious*

Maggie May said...

oh dear that plate of lovelyness is calling my name!

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