Friday, March 20, 2009

The Gym is a Strange Place

Since I reluctantly renewed my gym membership at the beginning of this year, I decided that I wouldn't go for weeks on end without going (like last year) and waste my money away on that high powered sweat station.

So I've been trying to go more often and take advantage of the classes... There have been a few dooseys and at the end of these crazy classes I'm always left contemplating whether everyone at the gym is weird, or just me?

Okay it all started when I accidentally walked into a class called "Body Combat". As the name suggests it was all combat and "I can kick ass like Angelina Jolie".

But not only that the teacher was agressive, like we were her attackers. When I got a kick boxing move wrong she yelled, "That's not right! You should listen!"

I thought she was going to step off her podium and kick my ass for real!.. I haven't been back.

Then there was the Fitness Aerobics Class... It should've been called "You Have to be Super Coordinated to do this Dance Class", the instructor made us twirl this way and that, and up and down - it was exhausting on my brain and that's about it.

I left half way through, staring at my watch as I was leaving pretending I had to be somewhere.

So I guess what I'm getting at is, do you feel that the gym is a bizarre place? What about the people who seem to live there?

Not to mention the hilarious array of straining faces as men haul 50 x their body weight over their shoulders!

As I said, it's a bizarre place, there are too many reasons why! Tell me what you think of it?


Char said...

it is VERY Weird of my most hurtful incidents with a "friend" happened in a gym.

Annabelle said...

Oooh no! That sucks... damn gyms and their weirdness! Don't get me started on the people who work there!

DC said...

At the end of the day, you have to think who are they doing this for?

I had one class at the gym I really enjoyed, and a yoga teacher who used to like a good drink and smoke. Now that's my kind of class "leader"

Anonymous said...

i used to go to the gym but one day when i was running on the treadmill watching 50 others do the same, all of us with earphones in watching tv i couldnt help but think we all looked like machines! so i went outside for a run. but i agree the classes are fun if you get a good one. body attack especially!

love your blog miss
love ginger jones

jillian-anne said...

i only go to one class at the uni gym (legs, bums, tums - basically aerobics with a step). i HATE having to walk past the weights to get to the group fitness room, the BO is disgusting!

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