Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm a Slacker, Hear Me Blog

Again, I've been absent over the past week and I'd love to say, "It's all uni's fault!", but I think I've just been busy again in general.

(From Lomo): As busy as this lady was getting that bun on top of her head.

But I love blogging, mostly because of the lovely responses I get from you fabulous people so I'm really trying to stay on this horse.

Okay so this post is a bit of a news round-up, things that are sparking my interest of late, I hope they spark yours' too;

1. Predictability rating of this happening = 100%.
2. A man facing 20 years jail for downloading a women's rights article!
3. Watch Aus reporter stuff-ups during Bushfires.
4. I can't wait 'till this movie is out, Zooey is always great & I certainly hold shades of her character in this film.
5. Aus troops killed 5 children in Afghanistan - a possible war crime? Watch this interesting report.
6. A Japanese Obama!?

Well, I hope these links keep you going today ... I am definitely going to keep up the posting.

Happy Thursday, if you're bored - chat to me on Twitter and tell me to get posting!


Indie.Tea said...

I'm being a slacker blogger too, just too busy for the next two weeks :(

Char said...

miss ya when you're gone but I understand that life happens!!

Ruhvana and Flanelli said...

Sometimes you just can't have time for everything, beeing a "good blogger" takes so much time! And i really like that photo you've chosen:).


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