Monday, April 27, 2009

iGive Up!

Dear my once "trust-worthy" iPod,


Regards (yes
just regards, you don't deserve a 'Kind Regards'),


Flickr: Image from chillipeppers4u2

Anger management needed? Well, yes probably but let me explain the situation and then you can tell me whether you'd write that iPod hate mail any differently.

On Saturday morning I had an interview to conduct with a prominent Australian Pacific media Foreign Correspondent. I took along my "trusty", 2 year old iPod with it's voice recording attachment.

The meeting that I had estimated to last half an hour went on for an hour and a half - extra time is always great when you're writing a profile piece! So I was elated.

Although towards the end of the meeting, I noticed my ipod was doing some funky stuff, flashing that piece of fruit they made as their logo over and over (it's a technology company, what's an apple got to do with it? I think they were high when they came up with that one).

I raced home as soon as the meeting concluded so that I could charge my iPod, thinking it had just died after 1 and 1/2 of recording - plausible and acceptable.

No such luck, it didn't turn on - my recording notes of the entire meeting, LOST!

Needless to say, I flew into a panic. P. arrived, calmed me down. And I chained myself to the desk to pump the interview's minituae out of my mind and onto screen.

I ended up remembering a lot, pretty much most of the interview and quotes (well done to that good ol' grey matter).

Anyway, after this I became preoccupied with writing the story and completing assignments, but now I've zapped back to reality.

This iPod will now join the other on my desk which died after 2 years in action as well.

They make great paper-weights.

Anyone had iPod dilemmas? Or, better yet, what's a better MP3 for me to upgrade to?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TRAINing for the First Kiss

So for an exercise in my Feature Writing tutorial the other day, we had to quickly write a personal column about our first kiss, or a bad date. I couldn't think of any horrible dates, but let me know what you think of my first kiss...

While I was writing it, I had a bit of a giggle thinking of how dorky I really was back then, the class had a laugh at my anecdote too!

Flickr: MsBlueSky

So here goes:

My first kiss was on my best friend’s driveway with a boy I’d known for seven months. We met in true grade eight fashion; at a social school dance. We were an all girls school, they were the all boys school. A match made in educational heaven.

We danced, 30 centimetres apart, respectively; rigid, courteous and feeling bloody awkward. Who would’ve known that but a short seven months later we’d finally build our courage and go in for a kiss.

My friend had been planning a “party”, another first for me; cordial and chips were plentiful and although there were no adult substances like alcohol in our midst, having our own party at 13; we felt so grown-up.

I’d been planning the kiss with my friend throughout the week; we’d gossip through maths class, through science class, through all the classes about how it was going to go. I persuaded her that she had to watch us all night so that at the moment he swept me away to plant me a big one, she would play that Sixpence None the Richer song, “Kiss Me.” Incredibly lame. She agreed, but it never happened. Thank God. The only benefit that song would’ve had on the experience is to make this story all the more cheesier!

So the moment came. We walked down her pitch black driveway, away from the other 30 or so pre-pubescent kids, who were awkwardly chatting and sipping on coke.

I can’t recall what was said before, but we kissed, it happened, it was over. All in a matter of seconds. What had been accumulating for more than half a year passed in a brief smooch. It wasn’t that interesting, and even after the kiss, the awkwardness hadn’t subsided.

I clumsily looked at him, smiled, revealing the train-tracks lining my slowly straitening teeth and said, “What was it like to kiss someone with braces?”

He laughed and said, “It was good.”

That was my first kiss. Things have thankfully progressed since then.

I don’t have braces anymore.

Tell me tales of your first kiss, first date, bad date - any relationship funniness will do!

A Monthly Occasion for Cake(s)

I've been forced to eat cake and relax.

Flickr: Image from

You better believe it! My naturopath (whom I've been seeing for a fair few years now, because I had a really low immune system in my early teens and got colds all the time) said to me today that on the first two days of your, "monthly's" it's best if you lay low, eat sweet things and nourish your body.

Hello!? Are you forcing me to be gluttonous? You, healthy naturopath-lady who otherwise preaches lyrically about maintaining a well-balanced diet, healthy, full of veggies and good stuff?

So, tonight (3rd day of "that time") I took her advice and now my stomach is sore and full that I can't get to sleep.

Maybe she didn't know that I always look for reasons to eat sweet things... oh well, she's open the floodgates now.

I can't wait 'til next month ... Really, I'll have my cake and eat it two or three times over.

Flickr: From the beautiful food-image source of La Tartine Gourmande.

P.S. You know what else she told me? This pariah of loveliness... she said that women live longer because our "monthly's" are like a detox, so we should take full advantage of them, embrace, eat and be merry.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Unaccounted For...

These posts seem to be making a regular occurance but I promise, like a relentless carpet seller on those TV ads, that they will go back to regular frequency after next week - (when assessment slows down).
Flickr: Ferris Bueller, from Ararar

When approaching my blog today that scene from Ferris Bueller popped into my head, "Bueller? Bueller?" I have been absent - (send your hate mail to my university lecturers!)

Okay, on with the show. So what's happened in the world lately?
  • Well there's been another coup in Fiji (from which an Aussie journalist was deported!)
  • Ashton Kutcher became the "twitter King", reaching 1,000,000 followers in the twittersphere.
  • And MOST importantly Susan Boyle burst onto the scene with that wonderful voice, and less than wonderful ... er ... apperance (come on, you were thinking it), poor fuzzyfrowed Boyle, it's not her fault - but that voice! Amazing.. check out these responses to her singing.

And in my world?
  • Well, assessment.
  • But most importantly, I made the most delicious ricotta pancakes over the weekend. I used a recipe from "Donna Hay Magazine" (a great Aussie food mag). Sunday pancakes are such a stereotype - but I just had to make these for P. and I... (I didn't take a photo - are you kidding? I like to live in the moment, not photograph it like paparazzi - click on above image for source).
(If you would like the recipe, drop me a comment a let me know - I'll post it up.)

Okay, so that's the news... currently watching this hilarious mockumentary on TV... some light relief.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

French Hot Cross Buns & the Aztec Gods Goodness

So P. and I are up at the coast this weekend, celebrating Easter with my Grandparents and his family.

We went out to a delicious Persian restaurant last night - it was delicious, has anyone else ever tried a Persian Love Cake? Holy moly it's absolutely delicious!!

Click on the photo for the recipe and photo link.

It's a nutty, delicious, lemony cake... here's the recipe from the exact restaurant we went to! I will be giving it a go in the next coming weeks - I hope I can do it justice.

Back to lost of food, we have been gluttonous with our Aztec God chocolate consumption! A fair few Easter bunnies have been shared, as well as some homemade rocky road!

Flickr: Delicious photograph by Fenners1984.

On top of that, we've polished off some hot cross buns from the French pattiserie near my Grandparent's beach place - I love them warm, toasted, topped with melting butter and paired with a beautifully steaming cup of crisp green tea...

Oh I love this day... I hope you all have a wonderful Easter, remember the true meaning and also the fabulous time it provides for Family bonding.

Joyeux Paques! Buona Pasqua! Glad Pask! Pask Seder! Happy Easter!

P.S. Does anyone know the origin of Hot Cross buns? Those delicious puff balls of raisins, cloud-like dough and salty, creamy butter.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Easter Giggle

Who's pushing who?
Saw this image on Gawker this morning, under 'Park Slope Parents' made me laugh a little! Those Segway things look difficult to use, has anyone ever tried one - whilst pushing a pram!?

My Life Without Facebook, Thus Far...

I was thinking just the other day that it's been over two months now since I committed Facebook suicide - and surprisingly it hasn't affected my life in the slightest!

I suppose I did swiftly move to Twitter, but it's different... okay? On Twitter I follow all the news outlets and use it as a news feed, rather than a 'look at me in this photo my life is better than yours' self-promotion tool.

Are you a Twitter fan? Or Facebook? Or even ... er ... Flutter?

Click on the image to read NY Mag's feature about Facebook.

P.S. Did you hear that Facebook has made it to 200 million users, that's 1/30th of the world - I'll admit that's pretty cool... and imagine how powerful advertising is on there, how much advertisers pay to be on a site that reaches 1/30th of the world's population!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Just Like a Judy Blume Novel... Kinda.

"Are you there Assignment God? It's me, Annabelle."

Flickr: Click image.

I darn well wish there were an assignment God!

So uni assignment load is in full gear... but I'm fairly confident that I have it all under control. Wrote out all the assessment I need to do before the semester is over and I will be able to manage it.

But the upcoming delicious holiday is distracting my mind... Easter eggs eaten = 3 little lindt ones (all today!)

On the posting front, I don't have all that much news - still nutting out accomodation in Lille (am staying on campus), shall let you know when it's finalised.

As for the trip stops are:
  • Home to Paris
  • Paris to Lille (by train) for 4 months!
Then in December with P. it's;
  • Paris to Geneva (by train)
  • Geneva to New York
  • New York to Washington (by train)
  • Washington to San Fran
  • San Fran t0 Hawaii
  • Hawaii to Home
I am very excited! And would love if any of you fabulous savvy bloggers (that includes you lurkers) had any suggestions on where to go and what to see while we're away?

Some of you may even live in these spots! (My Blogger friend Lucie lives in Lille!)

Friday, April 03, 2009

Hop, Skip and a Week

I had a great birthday weekend, and kinda week, too! Lots of; delicious cake, cupcakes, quiches, creme brulees and of course teas, consumed! (Calories don't count on your birthday, remember?)

With the amount of cake I've eaten, the thought of more should make me feel like this...

But instead I feel like this...
Flickr: Adorable photos from Millie Motts.

Now I'm settling back into reality, a year older (and of course wiser) trying to buckle down & do some uni work (amidst excitedly organising flights and accom for my 4 month sejour to Lille, France!)...

So here are the sites I've been procrastinating with:

- I'm still loving reading what these New Yorkers eat (updated every Friday).
- A funny/sarcastic news blog.
- The student accom on offer in Lille (I fear returning to shared bathroom facilities!!)
- Sign of hard times? Chicken feet soup!
- Well priced and beautifully furnished Paris apartments to rent.
- The Twouble with Twitter.

P.S. Thank you all so much for my birthday wishes, so sweet! I love getting comments from my friends in the blogosphere :-)

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