Friday, April 03, 2009

Hop, Skip and a Week

I had a great birthday weekend, and kinda week, too! Lots of; delicious cake, cupcakes, quiches, creme brulees and of course teas, consumed! (Calories don't count on your birthday, remember?)

With the amount of cake I've eaten, the thought of more should make me feel like this...

But instead I feel like this...
Flickr: Adorable photos from Millie Motts.

Now I'm settling back into reality, a year older (and of course wiser) trying to buckle down & do some uni work (amidst excitedly organising flights and accom for my 4 month sejour to Lille, France!)...

So here are the sites I've been procrastinating with:

- I'm still loving reading what these New Yorkers eat (updated every Friday).
- A funny/sarcastic news blog.
- The student accom on offer in Lille (I fear returning to shared bathroom facilities!!)
- Sign of hard times? Chicken feet soup!
- Well priced and beautifully furnished Paris apartments to rent.
- The Twouble with Twitter.

P.S. Thank you all so much for my birthday wishes, so sweet! I love getting comments from my friends in the blogosphere :-)


Maggie May said...

So glad you had a good time and too many sweets :)_

Char said...

glad to hear the birthday was wonderful!

hope you have a wonderful weekend too

Anonymous said...

oh I missed your birthday... I'm sorry, I hope you'll have a beautiful year!
when do you come to Lille, it's not a joke I'm leaving here!! I want to move in Paris but I stay here to july... I'll like to meet you!
have a good week end sweety :)

Anonymous said...

have you chosen an apartment dans paris? keep us updated on accom in lille too xoxox gj

katie t said...

happy late birthday!!! said...

happy birthday. found your blog on brown button. it's great!!

Kimberlee said...

oh friggin heck, here have i been?! A massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! hope you had a fabulous one darling girl xx

Annabelle said...

Thank you all so much for the b'day wishes :-) so lovely... esp loved haha your friggen heck one Kimberlee :-) hope you all have a most fabulous easter :-)

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