Monday, April 27, 2009

iGive Up!

Dear my once "trust-worthy" iPod,


Regards (yes
just regards, you don't deserve a 'Kind Regards'),


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Anger management needed? Well, yes probably but let me explain the situation and then you can tell me whether you'd write that iPod hate mail any differently.

On Saturday morning I had an interview to conduct with a prominent Australian Pacific media Foreign Correspondent. I took along my "trusty", 2 year old iPod with it's voice recording attachment.

The meeting that I had estimated to last half an hour went on for an hour and a half - extra time is always great when you're writing a profile piece! So I was elated.

Although towards the end of the meeting, I noticed my ipod was doing some funky stuff, flashing that piece of fruit they made as their logo over and over (it's a technology company, what's an apple got to do with it? I think they were high when they came up with that one).

I raced home as soon as the meeting concluded so that I could charge my iPod, thinking it had just died after 1 and 1/2 of recording - plausible and acceptable.

No such luck, it didn't turn on - my recording notes of the entire meeting, LOST!

Needless to say, I flew into a panic. P. arrived, calmed me down. And I chained myself to the desk to pump the interview's minituae out of my mind and onto screen.

I ended up remembering a lot, pretty much most of the interview and quotes (well done to that good ol' grey matter).

Anyway, after this I became preoccupied with writing the story and completing assignments, but now I've zapped back to reality.

This iPod will now join the other on my desk which died after 2 years in action as well.

They make great paper-weights.

Anyone had iPod dilemmas? Or, better yet, what's a better MP3 for me to upgrade to?


Char said...

I've only had the big ones and never used them as anything but a player. It still seems to work well but I'm pretty delicate to it.

Miss Aimee said...

OMG> technology! that sucks, but yeah for You and your memory.

Annabelle said...

It was a real eye-opener as to how much a great soaker-upperer my brain is - I remembered most of it!!

Prêt à Voyager said...

bummer! still, take it to an apple store - they're all around the world...but the thought of using it as a paper weight does make me smile :)

anne said...

i've had my ipod for around 5 years - my gripe is with always fucks up.

Maggie May said...

i just miss mine! my son lost it. grrrr

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