Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Monthly Occasion for Cake(s)

I've been forced to eat cake and relax.

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You better believe it! My naturopath (whom I've been seeing for a fair few years now, because I had a really low immune system in my early teens and got colds all the time) said to me today that on the first two days of your, "monthly's" it's best if you lay low, eat sweet things and nourish your body.

Hello!? Are you forcing me to be gluttonous? You, healthy naturopath-lady who otherwise preaches lyrically about maintaining a well-balanced diet, healthy, full of veggies and good stuff?

So, tonight (3rd day of "that time") I took her advice and now my stomach is sore and full that I can't get to sleep.

Maybe she didn't know that I always look for reasons to eat sweet things... oh well, she's open the floodgates now.

I can't wait 'til next month ... Really, I'll have my cake and eat it two or three times over.

Flickr: From the beautiful food-image source of La Tartine Gourmande.

P.S. You know what else she told me? This pariah of loveliness... she said that women live longer because our "monthly's" are like a detox, so we should take full advantage of them, embrace, eat and be merry.


Char said...

damn, now I want them back - those monthlys. there I was celebrating premature menopause.

Annabelle said...

Ha! Char, maybe premature menopause means u can relax and eat cake all day, EVERY day!? said...

do as the good lady says. she sounds wise.

REread said...

looks yummy ... cake out!!

Sara Christine said...

My sister gets cold and sinus infections alllll the time. I never considered a naturopath, I will pass that along to her. How do we find one who prescribes cake??? :)

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