Friday, April 10, 2009

My Life Without Facebook, Thus Far...

I was thinking just the other day that it's been over two months now since I committed Facebook suicide - and surprisingly it hasn't affected my life in the slightest!

I suppose I did swiftly move to Twitter, but it's different... okay? On Twitter I follow all the news outlets and use it as a news feed, rather than a 'look at me in this photo my life is better than yours' self-promotion tool.

Are you a Twitter fan? Or Facebook? Or even ... er ... Flutter?

Click on the image to read NY Mag's feature about Facebook.

P.S. Did you hear that Facebook has made it to 200 million users, that's 1/30th of the world - I'll admit that's pretty cool... and imagine how powerful advertising is on there, how much advertisers pay to be on a site that reaches 1/30th of the world's population!


Char said...

I follow you on Twitter....I do both but I use Facebook more as a way to keep up with friends and to play Mafia Wars.

jillian-anne said...

it's been a week since i committed "facebook suicide." I am getting so much more work done! It's more difficult keeping track of/being invited to events though. 2 months, good work!

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