Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Unaccounted For...

These posts seem to be making a regular occurance but I promise, like a relentless carpet seller on those TV ads, that they will go back to regular frequency after next week - (when assessment slows down).
Flickr: Ferris Bueller, from Ararar

When approaching my blog today that scene from Ferris Bueller popped into my head, "Bueller? Bueller?" I have been absent - (send your hate mail to my university lecturers!)

Okay, on with the show. So what's happened in the world lately?
  • Well there's been another coup in Fiji (from which an Aussie journalist was deported!)
  • Ashton Kutcher became the "twitter King", reaching 1,000,000 followers in the twittersphere.
  • And MOST importantly Susan Boyle burst onto the scene with that wonderful voice, and less than wonderful ... er ... apperance (come on, you were thinking it), poor fuzzyfrowed Boyle, it's not her fault - but that voice! Amazing.. check out these responses to her singing.

And in my world?
  • Well, assessment.
  • But most importantly, I made the most delicious ricotta pancakes over the weekend. I used a recipe from "Donna Hay Magazine" (a great Aussie food mag). Sunday pancakes are such a stereotype - but I just had to make these for P. and I... (I didn't take a photo - are you kidding? I like to live in the moment, not photograph it like paparazzi - click on above image for source).
(If you would like the recipe, drop me a comment a let me know - I'll post it up.)

Okay, so that's the news... currently watching this hilarious mockumentary on TV... some light relief.


Char said...

yum, pancakes? I'm in

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