Monday, May 18, 2009

The "C Word"

Dined at the greatest little cafe today "C Word"... They specialise in great coffee and delicious bagels.

After hearing about the cafe this morning from my brother, I stole myself away from the laptop (doing French work) and tottered down.

It had a funky but not frou-frou decor, kind staff and great service.

I had a delicious lunch bagel it had; salad, a delicious salsa, beef and cheese on it.. mmm, lovely and fresh too. Also I ordered a coffee and then another after my meal (a rarity for me) but the coffee was just so good and it came with a free freckle!

Had a long lunch and am now home, brain switched on, ready to work.

How has your day been? I love the feeling of finding a great cafe with great food and lovely people, where is your favourite cafe?

P.S. Did my first twitpic upload today (see pic in post) - very exciting! Love Twittersville.


Charlie said...

+1 for C Word in Nundah.
Super friendly staff and they use Campos coffee which is... in my opinion, the best you can get.

Also, I know not of any other cafe in Brisbane that specialises in bagels the way they do.

Char said...

there is something so great about good coffee

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