Sunday, May 03, 2009

Father of the Bride and Weekend Reading

It's so lovely that this weekend is a long one... have had the most hectic few weeks with uni work and from this week onward it thankfully winds down.

Image from here: a relaxing bus stop with a view!

Will be at the beach until early Tuesday morning... So far it's been absolutely lovely. Yesterday just chilled out, read all the newspapers and today (Sunday) we had banana pancakes for breakfast (lovely Donna Hay recipe). Then we walked through the national park; sun shining, waves crashing, crisp autumn air blowing.

It's been magic... What have you all been up to this weekend?

Image from here: I'd love to wait at this beautiful English bus stop!

Here are some things to keep you entertained;

  • The latest New York Diet; I love reading this! It's a little window into people's lives.
  • I love tea, so this tea-cup stool would be perfect for tea parties!
  • Interesting/alarming news about some Aussie trouble-makers: in trouble with the Vatican. Did you know that the Vatican is considered it's own country!? Very alarming!
  • Looking at getting this Yokoo thick, lucious scarf for when I go overseas this August-December! What do you think?
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, enlighten me, tell me what you've been up to...

Currently: I'm watching Father of the Bride, nineties classic!



banana pancakes for breakfast?! Mmmm... yummy! :p

Char said...

sounds like a lovely weekend...yesterday was photographs, shopping and a movie. today is relaxation to the max.

katie t said...

ohhhh! have so much fun.

we've just been hitting up the movie theatre.

ghosts of girlfriends past
aliens vs monsters

ps xmen is great plus hugh is as hoooot as ever :)

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