Sunday, May 17, 2009

Forgotten Simple Pleasures...

It was a weekend of rediscovered simple pleasures:

From Flickr: KristianGullner
  • A large cup of piping hot tea.
  • Dreaming of a future life in the two cities I have visited and love; NYC and Paris.
  • The final 2 episodes of the Sex and the City series (great because it's not overly glamourised like the film and Big & Carrie end up together still!)
  • A steaming scone with melted butter and sticky, delicious raspberry jam.
  • A walk outside in the crisp air and glimmering sun.
What simple pleasures have you engaged in this weekend friends?


Char said...

I love SATC - own all of them on DVD. A fairytale now and again is fun.

I would like to have tea and a scone too.

katie t said...

can i have one of your scones as well??? yum!

me? i'm a dork...but i had to watch the last episode of this seasons "lost".

and then today some deep intellectual thinking in the comforting sun :)

Maggie May said...

sleep, a good movie, good food :)

Bradford said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. You have to say a hello when you swing by NYC again.

PS....of course I took that photo! it was from an often misunderstood series. i'll post more from time to time.

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