Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It Never Rains but it Pours

Well what an eventful time we're having here in Brisbane this week.

Since Monday it has been raining very steadily and heavily, the result? Flood-like conditions, terrible driving weather!

Brisbane: Under that bridge lays a commonly used road, to the right of the photo is a completely submersed shopping centre carpark, crazy right!?

I managed to haul myself to uni today throwing on my gumboots, jeans, thick cashmere jumper and lovely wool scarf, but traffic was bumper to bumper.

Brisbane: Boo bad traffic. We're bad rain drivers.

Two coffees have fuelled me through the gloomy weather. But something about crazy weather really excites me, it's kinda scary I suppose.

How is it going around your side of the world? Anything to report?


Char said...

we had flash floods here two weeks ago that destroyed some cars and houses - very weird. but today is gorgeous

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