Sunday, May 10, 2009

Word to Your Mother

Well today was Mother's day. After pilfering inspiration from the Gourment website all week, I decided to put on a my first lamb roast for the 6 of us... it didn't burn and actually turned out pretty well if I do say so myself!
The table beautifully set by Dad.

My brother tweeted some photos of the afternoon; which I dutifully stole (thanks Cha Cha!)

Actively slicing the cake! (With an eager bystander)

I'd been wanting to give this cake a crack since Easter, so I was glad to get it done today... It was pretty delicious and very unusal; got some lovely grandmotherly and brotherly feedback!

Give it a go - but a tip if you do cook it, put it on a lower heat (say about 140-150 degrees celsius, instead of 180), so that it can get a deeper golden colour on the top; without burning.

So anyway, tell me, how did your weekend float along? Did it float? Or Titanic spiral? I'd been having some Titanic assignment weekends lately, so it was nice to have a sail during this one!


Indie.Tea said...

What a sweet dinner idea. The cake looks quite delicious :)


oh it's so lovely!
what a lovely dinner you made! :)
happy mother's day!

p.s. Persian cake?! I'm so interested to know why it is called "Persian" ... do you know?!


Char said...

sounds so fantastic. and the shots are very yummy

katie t said...

way to go!

that's awesome that you did that :)

ok so i had a great mothers day too but go to my blog and check out exactly why?!? i got on the news!!!


Maggie May said...

what a lovely layout!

Charlie said...

I liked it a litte burnt! Gotta love a bit of 'crunch'.

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