Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Feeling of the Past in My Present

If I could bottle this feeling, I would.

I just finished reading a sort of memoir book my Grandma wrote for my brother, sister and me.

It was so lovely to have such insight into her life; her past adventures, and I now cannot wait to visit her in England (where she lives) while I’m away studying in France. (I haven’t seen her since she came to Aus for Christmas 2007/2008).

Rugged up and reading: Having a cold is a great excuse to rug-up and read.

When I got to the final page of the book, which she has lovingly filled with interesting anecdotes, photos and thoughts; I was filled with a humbling sense of family pride, love and hope for the future.

It’s strange, and this is probably one of the most deep “thought-tracking-like” posts I’ve submitted. But I just wanted to share my sort of excitement and happiness with you.

To explain, the book is one that was bought at one of those gift stores. There are approximately 150 pages in it, each page features a different question to be answered.

Granny answered all in-depth with her memories and photos. And I feel so touched that she went to so much effort with it over last year.

This book is now definitely one of my most-treasured possessions (although it’s not just mine); it’s one of those “save in-case of a fire” items.

It’s priceless, thoughtful, nostalgic, insightful, loving, touching and... my number one favourite book of all time.

What's your "save in-case of fire" item? Something nostalgic? Expensive? Irreplaceable?


Maggie May said...

That is truly wonderful. Wow, really. I have a book my Uncle Robert made after Gma Elizabeth passed away full of copies of her artwork, a beautifully glossy and bound book with her picture on the front.

ali said...

I came across your blog from the english muse.

I love how your grandma did that for you, your sister and brother. That is truly the best gift you can be given in the world.

P.S. I am stealing the idea, I don't know for who or what it will be about, but I love it!

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