Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Randoms at a Wedding Reception

I know this is a lazy post, but this is such a lovely concept. Improv Everywhere recently staged an spur of the moment reception for a couple who got married at City Hall in NYC.

It's a heart-warming video - a real pick-me-up for anyone who's lost a little faith in the world...

Found on Joanna Goddard's lovely blog.


Indie.Tea said...

How delightful! It make me smile out loud.

Mrs. E said...

I loved it. Especially the comment about being cynical New Yorkers and not expecting something like that. Beautiful--the best of human nature!

Char said...

sooo very sweet, it's it great that people still care in this crazy world

Comedy Goddess said...

That was really great! How wonderful for that couple.

Vodka Mom sent me, isn't she great too?!

Char said...

ps - what a great job it would be to be a "wedding reception guest/bridesmaid"

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