Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Choose-day: Tea and Reading Day

Well the time between that last post and this one lapsed incredibly quickly!

Over the weekend I was busy preparing a birthday feast for 10 family and friends in celebration of my Mum's b'day; recipes, images and details in next post!

But for now, I'm going to refill my cup of tea and catch up on some reading:

The Selby: Cool kitchen, "Anne, Aimee & Nathan's home in Darlinghurst, Sydney."

  • "Kumar" in the Whitehouse?
  • An adorable NYTimes love story. This line melted my heart: “Every night I would take the feelings inside of me and try to bounce them off a star,” he said, “hoping that energy would reach her, and maybe somehow she would know that I was thinking about her.”
  • The tale of an NY phantom bread-maker.
  • Style deconstructed by fashion blogger (and The Sartorialist's girlfriend) Garance Doré.

Did anything exciting happen over your weekend?


Maggie May said...

Everything exciting! ;)

Hello Lindello said...

You have me totally hooked on Garance Dore's blog now...hehe :)

I had a wonderful weekend at a rented cottage with friends.

Char said...

i had a very nice and quiet weekend.

dangercharlie said...

you make the best cous-cous in the world!

Cynthia at A Shimmy in My Spirit said...

Love Garance Dore's style.

foodcreate said...

I Love weekend I take my naps, read, clean, ect ,ect,

Thanks for sharing !

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Have a great Day ~

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