Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Pleasure of Eating

Ever since reading Mireille Guiliano's book, "French Women Don't Get Fat", I've been semi-adopting her theory, of eating good quality, full fat food but in small portions.

However living in Aus, it's quite hard to adopt this Gauloise theory; portions come huge and for the most part, Aus' food proprieters celebrate that their product has 0.2% fat (eg. 0.2% flavour).

Anyway I'm bringing this up again because over the past 2 weekends I've been in Sydney and Melbourne and overall celebrating food.

I hate it that in today's world we're made to feel guilty for drinking a full fat cappucino and indulging in that chocolate chip cookie - as long as you don't have the whole packet - that slice of pleasure is absolutely justified in my view.

This article I read confirms this food for pleasure theory.

What is the merit in starving yourself of life - you may be hit by a bus tomorrow and what will you treasure more?

That lovely creme brulee morcel you shared over laughs and great conversation with friends, or your ribs protruding from your emaciated body - rivalling your breasts in size?

Eat, laugh, enjoy - stop counting calories and just eat in moderation.

I'm reminded of the under-lying theme in the film "Amelie"; she finds pleasure in all the small things in life... cracking the top of a creme brulee and skimming stones over a small river that runs through paris.

What's your view on dieting and food? Would love to know.


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