Friday, July 10, 2009

Recipes for a Moroccan Feast

Lime Yogurt Cake with Rosewater and Pistachios: Click the links below for delicious, tried and tested moroccan recipes from the feast last weekend.

As promised, my recipes from the Moroccan feast I threw for my Mum's birthday last Sunday...

The nine guests there were very lovely about the food, so I can only guess that these recipes are winners!!

We started with dips and bread; I made a really unusual Turkish dip called 'Muhammara' - it got the best reviews.

Then we had a Moroccan Lamb Tagine, recipe from French chef Trish Deseine... it worked so well and doing it the day before (as suggested) really allowed me to be free to chat and have fun. Also leaving it over night; the flavours intensely developed and the lamb soothingly fell apart in everyone's mouths.

Finally dessert (as pictured above) was a Lime Yogurt Cake with Rosewater and Pistachios, it went down very well... but a tip: make 2 batches of the "Syrup" it's nice to have it on hand when finally serving the cake.

So that was the successful feast - if you're looking for an easy meal to cook for 10 or so people - this is it.

What meals have you been enjoying lately?


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