Saturday, August 22, 2009

To Arrive in France to a Bouquet of Roses

... is to be truly in love.

I've arrived in France for my four month university exchange! After stressful airports, tiring flights and heavy bags - I was happy to finally be settled in Lille (a town in the north) this morning.

The beautiful roses from my mister.

What made it a million times lovelier was recieving a bunch of 50 beautiful roses within 1/2 an hour of arriving; care of a handsome man my P.

So Lille is great! I'm still quite jetlagged, have made it 'till 7pm here - so sleep will come soon. Just wanted to let you know I'm safe and there are many exciting/hopefully humorous cultural stories to come!

Side-note: my room is pretty good, large with a fridge, sink, desk, cupboard, bed and pretty lovely view (view above).

How is everything in your world lovely's? Got any tips for the "missing the ones you love" blues?


Char said...

what a sweet gift - so sweet. :) write lots of letters or postcards so you feel like you're talking to them. get outside and do something to take your mind off of them. buy prezzies (even little things - cheap things that are silly and fun)

Anonymous said...

Oh that is so so lovely of P. And the view from your room looks stunning! I don't know how to talk to you on twitter, should I email to keep in touch? Hope it's all going well, Lizzie xoxox

dangercharlie said...

aww sweet pea P.

Mindy said...

You have a lovely little blog... My tip is Skype and letters! I just returned from a six month exchange to the UK. You can pin the letters on your wall too- very comforting :). You will have the time of your life!

Bradford said...

I've really enjoyed perusing the posts since your arrival in France....I'll live vicariously through you...

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