Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Favourite Things: un Colis!

J’ai reçu un colis! Colis... ahh a word I have come to treasure. It symbolises absolute bliss, happiness, excitement = it means "package" and I recieved two yesterday!

All this talk of packages always makes the think of "that" Sound of Music song...

Here's a list of my favourite things this month;
  • Funky shoes that have been on my radar for some time.
  • This song that makes me want to bob around my room eating marshmallow clouds.
  • This blog which feels like a secret insiders guide to Paris.
  • Our new food blog.
  • Gawking at luxury accomodation - wishing and hoping.
  • Heat patches I bought at the supermarket - genius!
  • Fresh butter I bought from the local cheese shop - cut from the wheel!
  • And finally you all! Your comments have been making my day, so thank you.


Sloan said...

Ooh. Getting packages is my all-time favorite thing. Particularly when you've far from home. Also love that Lisa Mitchell song--it tends to find a spot in my head and refuse to leave. Happy Wednesday!


Those packages look pretty! :)

Char said...

oh!! tom's shoes - I just heard about them - i can tell you where to get a code for a discount. let me look.....oops...sorry, no it was for jay shoes. ( if you like them you can enter "helloross" and get a discount.

Anonymous said...

I am sure there will be many more packages to come too!

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