Friday, September 25, 2009

I Went to Paris, and I bought...

When you were young did you ever play that memory game where a heap of you would get into a circle and each person would say, "I went to .... and I bought ...", adding a new item each person?

Well by the end of the game it's hardest to be the last person and try to remember what each person has "bought" before you.

Renowned Parisian bakery "Poilane"; 8 Rue du Cherche Midi (6eme arrondissement), Paris.

This is relevant how? I went to Paris on Wednesday and now I feel like the last person in that game! I can't remember anything I bought!

Right here, this is the moment I decided that I need glasses!

Colette; Rue de Rivoli (1er arrondissement), Paris.

Lunch at the Palais Royale (1er arrondissement), Paris.
By the end of the day I was exhausted; but so satisfied with my day... there's something rejeuvintating about wandering les trottoirs de Paris.

At Rose Bakery; 46 Rue des Martyrs (9eme arrondissement), Paris.

Photo from Cachmere et Soie; Angelina's Salon du The a 226 Rue de Rivoli (1er arrondissment), Paris.

Have you been to Paris before? Where are your favourite places to go/things to do there?


Char said...

no, but I want to go.....oh why can't i find a rich traveling companion that wants to fulfill all my traveling dreams? *giggle*

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