Sunday, September 27, 2009

Before the "Ice-Queen"

I stumbled upon this old photo of Anna Wintour on the lovely blog plaisirs simples. The comparison between her young, naive face and her harsh/"over it" one today, really struck me.

It's so evident how much she's hardened as a person over the years... it's right there in her expression & body language.


Char said...

she does come across so hard and brittle - but then I ask myself, if she were a man - would I still think that? No....I think it's just her position and what she has to do to get her job done.

Annabelle said...

Really true Char - I hadn't thought of that, but yeah if she were a man her attitude would be completely normal.

Claire said...

I hope you got to see "The September Issue"!

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