Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Last Published...

Last published on 22 August!? How slack! Excusez-moi lovely bloggers :-)

I've been quite busy - so far I have chosen my classes (8 in total!), found a fantastic cheese shop, a beautifully fresh fruit and veg shop and have been riding around on a bike I bought at the big flea market they had here last weekend.

Sunflowers at Sunday market at Wazemmes (in Lille).

So I've been riding 'round all day 'tween classes - trying to look french - however I think the jig is up; every time I try to get pedalling at each green light, I look completely uncoordinated!

The lovely architecture of Centre-Ville, Lille.

I just haven't tapped into that ever elusive "Je ne sais quoi"... yet! However, here are some pics of my adventure so far. Tell me what you think? What you've been up to? I've missed you all!

At the Wazemmes fruit market early Sunday morning.

Citron at the Wazemmes.

Delicious Mirabelle plums, peak season, peak juiciness.

The sunset from my rooftop.


Char said...

beautiful shots - i like seeing it through your eyes

Indie.Tea said...

I was wondering what happened to you, just yesterday :) I'm happy to see that you have been going to farmer's markets...I am really quite "into" them right now myself. I can't live without the seascape strawberries and haricot verts I've been buying all summer long.

Maggie May said...

the rooftop sunset is SO charming!!

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