Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Royal Family

I just had a lovely weekend in England, where my Grandma lives... it's so lovely being just over 3 hours away.

It was such a nourishing weekend; lots of fun, great conversation & needless to say Granny fed me delicious foods.

Homemade jams, a pheasant roast with vegetables all plucked from her garden... she then concealed in my bag a deliciously packed lunchbox to consume of the train; 3 mini sandwhiches, salad, half a boiled egg, biscuits - all cutely wrapped and lablled, adorable isn't she?

It was really nice time to spend with her though.

We got to chat about all sorts of things, laugh and quietly notice that perhaps traits sometimes do get carried on through family...

What did you do this weekend?


Char said...

what a good granny you have. I worked most of the weekend...which is a good thing

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